Friday, September 30, 2016


I was caught up with a lot of things in the last six years: teaching in graduate school, ethnographic research in other countries, homeschooling my children, working on my doctorate, and moving from Manila back to my home city of Davao.  That explains why the last entry in this blog was in October of 2010!

I find it so providential that the revival of this blog and the passion that came with the book is happening around the same time that I wrote the last blog entry entitled "An Invitation to Brave the Journey (Or Why I wrote True Love Weds)."  What's more is that it is not just the blog and the email account that are being brought back to life.  With the creative genius and spirited prodding of two beautiful and passionate ladies (Shey Velasquez and Elsyl DemontaƱo) , we are giving birth to a mentoring group called Ladies of Purity (LOP) tomorrow, the first of October!

Do you feel like you're caught up in the wishing well called "singleness"?  Join us on October 1, 2016, 6:00pm at Anniepie Cafe (behind Davao Doctors Hospital) for a time of sharing and caring.  See you there!


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